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Every property and situation is different and as such, there is no one size fits all.

We are always coming across new opportunities to provide a solution, and we are happy to ask outside specialists for help, to meet our client’s requirements.

We may start with clients, however we end up with friends with trees.

Your Land, Your Choice.


Your Team

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Phil Orme

ETS, Forestry and Land Use Consultant


Phil has been involved with the forest industry since 1980 through every aspect from seed collection through to planting, thinning, harvest, logistics and export operations, most recently as an ETS and Land-use Specialist for Woodnet and South Island Manager (Land-use and Operations) for a nationwide forestry company before forming Orme & Associates, to better service the rural community’s needs.

The single biggest change during this time has been the introduction of the ETS and the opportunity for landowners to be rewarded for doing the right thing by the land, with an ongoing income stream that has never existed before, with species that have often been over looked. It does however come with rules and obligations that, if not fully understood, can make life interesting, with some very serious consequences.

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Stuart Orme

Registered Forest Consultant


Stuart is a registered forest consultant with extensive experience in the New Zealand forest industry and management involvement in all facets of forest operations, processing, marketing and training, which culminated in establishing a successful full value chain consulting business, Woodnet that went on to form the foundation of the Forest360 Operations and Consulting team.

Stuart maintains a continuing interest in climate change mitigation and wealth generation, both fiscal and environmental. He has a passion for making complex concepts simple to understand, adding value to your land use decisions and a passion for flyfishing if there is a stream nearby.



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Sarah Helleur

ETS, Forestry and Land Use Consultant


Sarah Helleur is a proud Cantabrian, working in the forestry sector both in New Zealand and in the UK for the UK Forestry Commission as the recreation ranger for Cornwall and North Devon District.  Sarah’s knowledge of the legislation that relates to forestry including the National Environment Standards for Plantation Forestry, the Resource Management Act, the National Environment Standards for Freshwater, and Regional and District council rules, can help turn policy into profit for our clients. 


Jackson Hurley

Jackson Hurley

ETS, Forestry and Land Use Consultant


Jackson studied at the University of Canterbury and after a number of years working for district and regional councils in Queenstown and Taranaki, moved back to the King Country where he grew up and is now working on a 530ha hill country sheep and beef farm near Aria.

Jackson has a background in regulatory, RMA, environmental science, GIS and farming and also works with the King Country River Care group to assist farmers improving and caring for the environment.

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Margaret Willis

Carbon and Land use Specialist

Marg has extensive knowledge of the ETS and GIS and an ability to fully integrate the two to client benefit.


Elaine Delaney

GIS and ETS support

Elaine provides GIS and ETS support to the team.

Sacha - website

Sacha Butler

Office Manager

Sacha manages the NZETR / ETSA accounts interaction and carbon sales.

Georgina - website

Georgina Orme

Accounts Manager

Georgina manages the day-to-day business accounts and administration.