Your land, your Choice

Identify opportunities and create future direction for your land. Whether you are looking for consultancy, help with applications or advice, we have it covered. Our mission is to offer governance that supports and maintains profitable enterprises while encouraging and protecting the environmental integrity for both our ecosystem and the social wellbeing of our communities.

Don't be stumped or confused, we create solutions tailored to your land and goals.



Every situation and client and site is specific, its your land, your choice, so how can we help?

Interactive Presentations / Workshops

This could be held at your place or on a property that has specific questions or in the boardroom. We can provide advice in an informal way.

Site Visits, Assessments and Forward Plans

One on one site visit to discuss your property and answer specific questions.  We can also provide carbon and ETS assessments.

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

The primary aim of the ETS is to encourage environmentally sustainable behaviour and achieve our commitment to reducing emissions.

1 Billion Trees (1BT) Programme Administration

If you have received funding through the 1BT Programme we can help with milestone payments and potential ETS opportunities.

Afforestation Grant Scheme (AGS) Buyout

If you have received a grant through the AGS there may be an option to buyout for a more favourable ETS opportunity.