One Billion Trees Programme

One Billion Trees Programme - FUNDING APPLICATION UPDATE

The Ministry for Primary Industries cannot accept any new 1BT applications as the applications in progress will exceed the limit of the fund if approved.  If you were approved for funding there are milestones that need to be met to receive grant instalments.

One Billion Trees Programe

The 1BT programme assists landowners with improving their land through obtaining the benefits from tree planting where that is the best land use and improve their carbon footprint.

Some conditions come with receiving funding, however the benefits for the landowner are that it's making projects that would otherwise be put off due to a lack of available funds able to go ahead.

Not only do you receive a tax-free grant, if it meets the requirements to enter into the ETS, you can also receive NZ Units (NZUs) to help monitor/offset your carbon footprint.

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Monitor/offset your carbon footprint
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Achieve your tree planting project with a tax free grant

What can I use a 1BT grant for?

It’s not all about pines, if it meets the Tree species, Forest land definition, and helps achieves the goals of the programme, then fundamentally it stands a good chance of being approved. Every property is different.

Top-up for available/hectare
Type of planting Size Base Rate/hectare Erosion prone land or land in areas that support regional development goals
Indigenous Mix
(e.g. A mix of native trees & shrubs)
1 - 300 Hectares $4000 $500 Up to $500 Up to $2000
(Particularly for erosion control or as a nurse crop for an indigenous forest)
5 - 300 Hectares $1800 $500 NA NA
Indigenous Natural Regeneration
(e.g. Retiring land and managing it to naturally return back to trees)
5 - 300 Hectares $1500 $500 Up to $500 NA
Exotics(e.g. planting eucalypts, Redwoods, radiata etc) 5 - 300 Hectares $1500 $500 NA NA

If it’s not straight forward and involves ecological restoration or augmented plantings, then the options increase.

Your Land, Your Choice

If you have received a 1BT grant and need assistance with milestone payments, please contact us to discuss.

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