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Consultancy can be personalised and is often best based on an hourly rate for your specific issues and requests.  Orme & Associates deal in both Opportunities and the Obligations under the ETS and the overriding Climate Change Response Act (CCRA) 2002.

The fundamental difference is that we focus on what you need us to do.

Every situation is client and site specific, it’s

YOUR LAND YOUR CHOICE so how can we help?


About us

Phil has been involved with the forest industry since 1980 through every aspect from seed collection through to planting, pruning, thinning to waste and production thinning, clear-fell harvest, both hauler, ground based and mechanical, transport logistics and export shipping operations.

Phil believes that the single biggest change during this time has been the introduction of the ETS and the opportunity for landowners to be either rewarded for doing the right thing by the land, with an ongoing income stream that has never existed before. It does however come with obligations that if not fully understood can make life interesting, with some serious consequences.

Meet the rest of the team on our About Us page.

Responsibilities & Opportunities

If you are registered in the ETS, we can help you understand your responsibilities and opportunities.

If you are buying or selling land…you need to understand your responsibilities and opportunities.

If you are cutting trees down (Deforestation)… you need to understand your responsibilities and potential implications regarding your obligations under the CCRA (2002) and the ETS.

If you think somethings not right please ask for help and guidance before MPI/EPA find the issue, to help reduce your penalty exposure.