Site Visit, Property Assessment & Forward Plan

How a site visit can help?

Personal one on one site visit at your property for a specific discussion.

The key difference is that it is YOUR LAND YOUR CHOICE, and examples about how the Climate Change Response Act (CCRA) and the ETS affect your particular situation can be discussed with site specific examples on your property, that fully inform you of the opportunities that may be available to you in direct reference to your situation.


COVID-19 - Please note that all staff at Orme & Associates have had two COVID-19 vaccinations, and for in-person meetings/site visits we do also require the client/s to have had two COVID-19 vaccinations, and for both parties to wear face coverings.  If this is not possible, other options can be discussed.


What it involves

  • Discuss implications of changes in management plans to carbon sequestration and reversion.

  • An initial site specific discussion, about your plans and future direction.
  • Where you think there may be opportunities or issues.
  • What specific questions you have.
  • What plantings you already have and future plans.
  • Answer or address your initial questions.

From this we can

  • Overlay the title boundaries and examine both historical and current imagery to provide an initial assessment of the property.
  • Identify areas that you have identified and that we may also think may be worth discussion once on site.
  • Potential carbon flows going forward (if applicable areas identified).
  • Develop contour maps for use when on site.

How can a site visit help?

The major benefit from a site visit is the specific discussions that relate solely to your property, no generalisations.  Actual examples that are specific to you and how it will affect you and your property.

So, the information you receive will relate to the opportunities and obligations for you.

Ultimately this is a two-way discussion i.e. if you do this, this is the likely result, if you do it slightly differently, then it would likely look like this. How do changes in the management Plan affect your carbon footprint.

If required a brief report on what was discussed can be provided post-site visit.  However, if the opportunities that exist are significant then a FULL Carbon, Property Assessment and Forward Plan can be undertaken which will explain funding opportunities, carbon flows and full production forestry cashflows analysis if that is the direction the landowner wishes to proceed in.


Contact us for any enquiries.

Carbon, Property Assessment and Forward Plan

This is designed as a full report on your property, taking into account your specific circumstances and future directions.

It starts with the same steps as a site visit/inspection, and then using this information and questions that are inevitably generated during that visit, and subsequent discussions, we (jointly) develop and report on a specific, individual, property assessment.

Forward plans and options are outlined and evaluated.  Both potential carbon and cashflow implications and opportunities are detailed, with next steps laid out for implementation if required.

And with the upcoming requirements for farm plans under the He Waka Eke Noa partnership, this will help with a direction and action plan going forward.