Small Group Talks

How can a small group talk help?

Every piece of land in New Zealand is different. There is NO one size fits all and often there is a matrix of solutions that would work best for a property.

At the end of the day it’s YOUR LAND, YOUR CHOICE, so if you’re not sure what is involved or how to go about things, and there are others that you know wish to learn how it applies to the land, then call Orme & Associates to arrange a small (up to 10) informal group talk.

The major benefit is that we can use specific examples of “your” land to explain how it works, in a friendly and informal setting.

The ETS is both straight forward and complicated at the same time, however it is voluntary and there are huge opportunities for individual land owners.  An obligation is only attached to the land if the NZU’s are not available to surrender if required.  So if you have the units you have an opportunity.


Topics Can Include

This can be held at your place or on a property that has specific questions and we can provide the following help in an informal way.


Overview of the Climate Change Responce Act (2002)


How the Emissions Trading Scheme works and what's involved in applying.


How the 1 Billion Trees Programme works and what's involved in applying.


How the 'Zero Carbon' amendment will affect the world and landowners going forward.


Changes to the ETS and how that may effect your land and when you have the opportunity to benefit.


Any other question that may be on your mind.